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Large range of spare parts

Discover our large range of spare parts specifically made for both standard and recirculation portable toilets. We cover the diverse needs of toilet rental companies, offering a wide range of essential components designed to ensure optimal performance and lifespan of portable sanitation facilities.

Essential components for portable toilets

Among our offerings, you’ll find everything from round toilet seats compatible with various models like Satellite® Tufway and Poly John PJ III, to sturdy 2-piece clamp rings ensuring secure fitting for toilet components. We also provide hand pumps tailored for recirculation flushing in mobile toilets or site cabins, along with maintenance kits essential for easy upkeep of hand pumps used in recirculation toilets and waste tanks in site cabins.

Enhance functionality and durability

For those looking to enhance the functionality and durability of their portable toilets, we offer corner urinals perfect for fitting in tight spaces, deck plates to maintain structural integrity, and diaphragms for Whale Gusher Urchin hand pumps, ensuring optimal performance in waste tanks with recirculation systems.

Original replacement parts

Our range also includes door springs, double toilet paper roll holders, and filtration nets for finer filtration in toilets with recirculation systems. We provide original replacement parts for various toilet models, such as toilet bases and roofs, as well as compact service kits containing essential components for pump repairs.

Security and ease of use

To ensure security and ease of use, we offer stainless steel toilet locks, flush bowls compatible with recirculation systems and portable toilet locks with slides and brackets. For maintenance we provide recirculation sets complete with bowls, hoses, pumps, filters, and connections, featuring the renowned Whale Gusher Urchin hand pump.

Request a quote today

Interested in our range of spare parts for portable toilets? Requesting a quote! Whether you’re in need of round toilet seats, hand pumps, maintenance kits or any other essential components. Simply fill out our online form with your requirements and our team will get back to you with a customized quote made to your needs.

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