Walex: professional products for professional needs

Atlas is the European distributor of Walex® deodorant products. Manufactured by the Walex® Products company, a manufacturer of specialty deodorant products from North Carolina (USA). Walex®’s major strength is its R&D department, which has developed the industry’s best performing deodorant products with customers in more than 50 countries worldwide.
From the Beijing Olympics and Carnival in Brazil to construction sites in Germany and events in Spain, Walex portable toilet deodorants are the global market leader in fragrance products for portable sanitation.

Liquid Deodorants

The liquid (blue) deodorants from Walex® counteract the development of unwanted odors, even under extreme conditions (high temperatures and frequent use). Unique additives promote the breakdown of paper and waste and prevent constipation and limescale.
Choose the product that best suits your needs, from the most powerful deodorant concentrate to practical pre-mixed versions.

Walex Bio-Pak en Porta-Pak

Bio-pak and Porta-Pak deodorant sachets are the industry’s most powerful waste tank deodorizers, providing rental companies a week long odour control for portable toilets in extreme conditions (high frequency use and in hot climates).

Fragrance products

Walex fragrance discs and urinal blocks spread a fresh fragrance for a week long period in portable toilets, sanitary cabins, restrooms and urinals.

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