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4-person urinals

For larger events and bustling city centers, Atlas offers our Pluto range of mobile urinals, including the Pluto3 stackable event urinal and the semi-permanent Pluto Plus urinal. These 4-person urinals are designed to provide efficiency and convenience at locations where the demand for sanitary facilities is high.

Pluto 3

The Pluto3 urinal is specially designed for events, featuring a smart stackable design that simplifies transport and storage while serving multiple users simultaneously. Ideal for festivals, concerts, and sports events where speed and efficiency are essential.

Pluto Plus

Additionally, the Pluto Plus urinal offers a sustainable solution for city centers or events that require a more permanent sanitary solution. Its robust construction and semi-permanent nature make it an excellent choice for places that require continuous access to sanitary facilities.

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Atlas takes pride in producing these high-quality mobile urinals, which are not only practical and efficient but also contribute to a better sanitary experience for everyone. Interested in improving the sanitary facilities at your location with our 4-person urinals? Request a quote now or contact us for more information.

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