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Obbe FS

The mobile Obbe FS is a stand alone hand wash station with both a fresh and grey water tank. A true eye-catcher, with enough space for paper and soap dispensers.

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Fresh water hand wash unit Obbe FS.
The Free Stand is an expansion of the Obbe hand wash station. This hand wash station is in a holder, which functions as a clean water tank. This makes the unit completely independent. The wheels make the Obbe FS easy to move and place anywhere. The Obbe FS can be used as a standalone version, with a clean water tank of 30 liters. The Fresh water hand wash Obbe FS can also be connected to a water supply, where available.

· Available in various colors
· Can be branded with your company name
· Can be moved to any desired location
· Fitted with plugs to drain clean water or waste water tank
· Can be supplied in 2 versions: Type WM (with a connection for water mains) or FW (Fresh water)
· Dimensions H x W X D: 168 x 56 x 37
• Space for any type of soap- or towel dispensers (not supplied)
• Fits in any portable toilet (for transport)
· Weight: 23 kg

Tank colour

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Obbe colour

Dark, Light

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