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Built-in hand wash stations

Built-in hand wash stations are essential components for portable toilets, significantly improving overall hygiene by enabling users to wash their hands after using the facilities.

Universal hand wash station – Obbe

The universal hand wash station Obbe 1 is designed to fit all known portable toilet brands and models. With its versatile placement options on both the left and right sides of the toilet, the Obbe 1 offers flexibility in installation. Its slim design not only benefits toilet users but also provides economically effective transport.

Hand wash unit and urinal – Helios

The Helios combines a hand wash unit and urinal into a single sanitation unit for portable toilets. The unit holds approximately 36 liters of fresh water capacity for handwashing, while the urine is drained into the toilet tank via a hose.

Universal hand washing unit – Obbe 2

Similar to Obbe 1, the Obbe 2 hand washing unit fits all known portable toilet brands and models. With its adaptable placement options and slim design, it offers convenience and efficiency for both users and rental companies.

Hand wash unit Neptune

Featuring a spacious washbasin and versatile installation options, the Neptune hand wash unit is ideal for mobile toilets. The washbasin can be mounted on either side, to fit on the left or right side, depending on the type of portable toilet.

In-unit hand wash station – Orion

Designed for optimal space utilization in portable toilets, the Orion hand wash station offers efficient waste water drainage options. It comes equipped with a foot pump, removable lid and hoses for waste tank attachment.

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