At Atlas Sanitation Products, we attach great importance to sustainable business practices. That is why we are no longer using gas and are largely self-sufficient in terms of electricity by way of our solar panels. The electricity that we lack, we purchase green.
We opted for Eneco HollandseWind® with the environmental label from SMK (Stichting Milieukeur). This Ecolabel is important to us, because it proves that our electricity is sustainably generated in the Netherlands. This is tested annually by an independent certification body.

The purchase of wind energy from a Dutch park is a conscious step forward for us. In this way we reduce our CO2 emissions and we do business in a much more sustainable way. We also contribute to more sustainable energy production in the Netherlands. In 2023, this will result in our 2.250 kg CO2 savings. This is as much as what 2250 trees absorb in a year’s time in terms of CO2.

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