Neptune: Our new big basin hand wash station

Hand wash station Neptune is an elegant and functional solution for providing hand hygiene in mobile toilets. With a spacious washbasin, this unit is designed to fit seamlessly with any mobile toilet and can be mounted on either the left or right side of the unit.

Measuring is knowing

The Neptune’s tank is easily accessible for filling and cleaning, and the waste water is drained through a hose to the toilet tank. This ensures a convenient and efficient handwashing solution that minimizes water usage and maximizes hygiene.

With a height of 106cm and a washbasin height of 95cm, the Neptune offers ample space for handwashing, and the washbasin measures 43 x 15cm. The unit has a width of 46cm and a depth of 23cm, making it a compact and space-saving solution for mobile toilets.

The Neptune hand wash station has a fresh water capacity of 36 litres and is available in Dark Gray and Granite finishes. An additional padlock option is also available for added security and peace of mind.


Furthermore, the Neptune hand wash station can be personalized with your logo, making it a perfect branding opportunity for businesses or events.

Please contact us for more information on minimum order quantities and customizations.

In summary

In summary, the Neptune hand wash station from Atlas Toilets offers an attractive and practical solution for hand hygiene in mobile toilet settings. Its spacious washbasin, convenient water and waste drainage, and customizable branding options, make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from construction sites and festivals to temporary events and mobile units.

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