Atlas is the proud producer of the Pluto range of mobile urinals.

The Pluto urinals by Atlas are the result of over 20 years of experience in the toilet rental industry.
We did not only put our own experiences into these products, we also consulted with customers and asked about specifications they would like to see on the urinal for the new decade.

The result are urinals, ideally suited for semi-permanent use at parking lots, marinas or city centers as well as for use during outdoor events.

PQ-Buster mobile urinal (Pluto1)

PQ Buster mobile urinal for events and city centers

The PQ Buster, also known as the Pluto 1 is, just like his brothers the Pluto 2 and Pluto3, a 4 person urinal.
The Pluto 1 was the first mobile urinal in the Pluto urinal range.


The Pluto2 stackable event urinal unit offers less privacy than the Pluto3 urinal.
Because of its height the event organiser and rental company will have a better sight what going on in the urinalsection.

It stacks up to 10 urinals with the same floor dimensions


Event organisers’ favorite mobile stackable urinal
The Pluto3 mobile urinal is the most popular mobile urinal for use on events.
It’s stackable design allows toilet rental companies to transport four Pluto3 mobile urinals on the space of one portable toilet. Four persons can make use of the Pluto3 simultaneously.


Where the Pluto3 urinal is best suited for use on special events, due to its logistical advantages (stackable to up to four units), the Pluto4 is a more permanent urinal, ideally suited for lengthy periods of placement, such as in city centers, camp sites, gas stations, picnic areas, marinas etcetera.
The unit can be drained into the sewer system or be serviced by a toilet rental company. It’s floor space is identical to that of most common portable toilets, ensuring a smooth and carefree integration in the existing toilet fleet of rental companies.

Pluto Plus

The Pluto Plus urinal comes with a stress tested lifting eye (Tüv Stress test for 500kg!) for easy loading and unloading at the event and your depot.
Because of its curved design the Pluto Plus can easily be strapped for transport.
The spacious floor has a surface relief for secure standing and the fork slots are also suited for pallet jacks. The base and the top part are separate parts, for a longer life span of the complete product. The urinal has drain connections on two sides.


Semi permanent urinal for events and city centers
Semi-permanent urinal in which our customers’ experiences and wishes are incorporated.
The Pluto 4 is an innovative mobile urinal unit, designed to be deployed in a wide variety of conditions and locations.

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