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Hand wash stations for extra hygiene

At Atlas, we recognize the importance of complete sanitary facilities, whether it’s for events, festivals, construction sites, or bustling city centers. An accessible and clean environment is vital, which is why we offer hand wash stations in addition to our standard sanitary units. These stations are not just practical; they complement any sanitary setup, contributing to an enhanced sanitary experience with a focus on ease of use and hygiene.

Stand-alone and built-in hand wash stations

Our range includes both stand-alone units, like the Hera 1 and Hera 3, and built-in stations such as the Obbe, Orion, Helios, and Neptune. The stand-alone options come with fresh and gray water compartments, perfect for locations without direct drainage systems. The built-in units allow for seamless integration with our portable toilets’ waste tanks, making for a compact and efficient setup.

Whale foot pumps for freshwater delivery

Each station in our range employs Whale foot pumps, a trusted system ensuring a reliable and sanitary fresh water supply. These user-friendly pumps do not require electricity, making them ideal for remote or power-free locations.

Opt for Atlas hand wash stations

Hand wash stations are an essential component of any well-equipped sanitary facility. Our products are crafted with attention to detail, user convenience, and most importantly, the health and safety of end-users. Whether you opt for a stand-alone model or a built-in solution, you can count on the quality and resilience of our hand wash stations.

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