Parts for recirculation toilets

Spare parts for portable toilets with recirculation system. flieters, flush bowls and service kits for Whale pumps

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2 Piece clamp ring

hand pump
Sold out

Atlas hand pump

Atlas service kit


Diaphragm Gusher Urchin hand pump

Filtration net

Gaiter kit for deckplates

Gusher Compact 50 hand pump

Gusher Flusher Dust cover

Gusher Flusher service kit

Inlet elbow 90 degrees

Inlet Nipple Gusher Flusher

Inlet valve S/41

Nozzle and Backing

Outlet Nipple Gusher Flusher

Outlet valve S/42

Plastic grip for hand pump lever

Pump fork assembly

Pump rubber clamping plate

Recirculation filter

Service kit Whale Compact 50 hand pump

Spare lever Whale hand pump

Straight outlet Gusher Urchin

Whale Gusher Flusher Foot Pump

Whale hand pump Gusher Urchin

Whale hand pump service kit

Whale Strainer

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