• Urinal blocks

    Urinal blocks Bulk package

    Water-soluble urinal blocks that maintains clean, odour-free urinal-traps and pipes.
    Each time the urinal is used, water softening and cleaning agents are delivered into the trap to clean and maintain the pipework to prevent odours and blockages.
    One box contains 20 kg of urinal blocks (appr. 1000 pieces)

  • Fragrance spray and cleaner

    Walex fragrance spray and wash down cleaner a strong detergent for cleaning toilets and urinals.
    Use undiluted to spray surfaces near the urinal and vent pipe of a portable toilet to provide enhanced fragrance to the toilet area.

  • Fragrance Discs

    Walex fragrance discs spread a fresh fragrance for a week long period in portable toilets, sanitary cabins, restrooms and urinals.
    The fragrance discs (or deodorant discs) are pack in a heat sealed zipper bag for freshness.
    The discs can be placed on a simple hook or in the Walex disc holder.

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