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Fragrance Discs

Walex fragrance discs spread a fresh fragrance for a week long period in portable toilets, sanitary cabins, restrooms and urinals.
The fragrance discs (or deodorant discs) are pack in a heat sealed zipper bag for freshness.
The discs can be placed on a simple hook or in the Walex disc holder.

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Walex deodorant discs spread a fresh  fragrance for a week long period.
The Deo-Discs are ideal for mobile toilets, toilet trolleys, canteens and urinal areas.
The scent discs are packaged in a sealed bag with closure for a long shelf life.
The discs can easily be hung on a hook or placed in the holder.

Available in the fragrances:
• Cherry  • Lemon  •  Cinnamon spice  •  Bubblegum  • Mulberry


Bubblegum, Cherry, Cinnamon Spice, Lemon, Mulberry

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