• double hand wash

    Double hand wash station Hera2

    Compact double hand wash station for better hygiene on event grounds

    logo hera2The Hera2 is, just like her big sister, a standalone double hand wash station (for 2 persons).
    The Hera offers a lot of space and users will receive a good sense of hygiene.
    The hand wash station offers rental companies to add optional soap- or paperdispensers.


    • Height: 1290 mm
    • Width: 720 mm
    • Depth: 520 mm
    • Weight: 27 kg
    • Fresh water Capacity: 75 Liter
    • Waste water Capacity: 85 Liter
    • Available in: Granite
  • Poly Portables hand wash station

    Double hand wash station PolyPortables Tag Along

    Double hand wash station Tag Along by PolyPortables

    The Tag along is a standalone double hand wash station (for 2 persons).
    By using hand wash stations, event organisers encourage hygiene among their guests.
    The hand wash station is equipped with 2 soap dispencers.

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