Reputation of portable toilets is created by users and vandalism, not by toilet rental companies.

The portable toilets we spot at construction sites, small and large scale events, are being used all over the world. That is not without reason: it is the best option for sanitary facilities in locations where running water or sewage systems are not available. But even when running water or a sewer is available, these toilets are an obvious easy solution!

The principle is simple: all waste (urine, faeces and toilet paper) is collected in a tank. The contents of the tank are regularly emptied with a tanker and neatly removed to waste treatment plants where it is purified together with all other waste water from the sewer system before being discharged into the surface water. The waste from portable toilets therefore follows the same route as the flushing water from toilets, shower, washing machine or dishwasher from your home or office, but with a detour.

Portable toilets on construction sites are usually emptied, cleaned and refilled once a at small weekly cost. The toilet rental companies plan a careful and efficient cleaning route for these construction site toilets. They empty the tank, rinse it and prepare the toilet for use again. At the end of the day, the waste from the tanker is deposited at a specific point designated by the water treatment plant.
Unfortunately, portable toilets do not always have a good reputation. Hygiene, nasty smells and visibility in the tank may be the cause of this. But every toilet is as dirty as its users. This applies to all (public) toilets and therefore also to portable toilets. We can show you many examples with pictures of portable toilets which are too dirty to look, even after a few hours when it was serviced.

Users of portable toilets, or the customers of the toilet rental companies, have been unwilling – for many years – to pay a little extra for a clean toilet. In every office, the toilets are usually cleaned several times a week and that is taken for granted. But on a construction site, cuts are often made on sanitary facilities and the toilet is only cleaned once a week. These toilets are often used not only by the main contractor’s employees but also by all subcontractors and the toilet is often used by more people than the stated standard.

How can we raise the standard? First, it is a matter of price. Construction companies are not willing to pay a little extra for an extra service per week. Various studies show that sanitation is a basic need and with tidy sanitary nearby efficiency and employee satisfaction will rise. Secondly, in my view, toilet rental companies should charge extra for extreme dirty toilets and construction companies should instruct (or even sanction) the workers at the site to maintain a clean and tidy toilet. This makes sense, a dirty, abused toilet needs much more time to service than a toilet which is used normally for several days. Thirdly, recognize and point out those who are the real vandalisms. I am positive that social control among colleagues will help to keep portable toilets tidy!

It is the portable toilet culture, which is created over the years by users. But for ages we all wish the same: clean and tidy sanitation. A smelly toilet, portable or not, is not appreciated by anyone.