• air freshener

    Air freshener Mango

    Air freshener with a powerful mango scent that lasts for 4 weeks.
    Perfect for toilets, cupboards, cars, dressing rooms, hotel rooms etc.

    Clip is about 8 x 8 cm

    Boxes of of 12 pieces.

  • lemon fragrance

    Urinal blocks with lemon fragrance

    Water-soluble urinal blocks with a strong lemon fragrance that maintain clean, odour-free urinal-traps and pipes.
    Each time the urinal is used, water softening and cleaning agents are delivered into the trap to clean and maintain the pipework to prevent odours and blockages.
    One bucket contains appr. 50 urinal blocks.

  • Pump exhaust deodorizer

    Vacu-Fresh Pump Exhaust System

    Eliminate odors from sewage pump truck vacuum pumps

    Vacu-Fresh Pump exhaust Deodorizer System eliminates odors coming from the vacuum pump on sewage pump trucks.

  • Scented Urinal Screens Bravo

    The Innovative urinal screens Bravo from Walex offer powerful deodorizing performance with strong fragrance release that lasts 30 days. The patented shape provides superior fit in all urinal styles with a ribbed surface designed to reduce splashing.

    1 Box contains 72 pieces

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