Atlas supplies, mostly from stock, a wide range of (spare) parts for toilet rental companies. Parts such as built in urinals, are offered from own production, in addition to original PolyPortables and Five Peaks urinals. The same goes for toilet paper holder and waste tanks. For (spare) parts of the most popular brands toilets, urinals and hand wash stations you’ve come to the right address.

  • Drum Spill Pallet 

    2 Drum Spill Pallet

    Drum Spill Pallet 2 drum High Profile.
    The first choice for static spill containment. Ideal when working with drums containing liquids and hazardous chemicals.

  • 58G Waste tank

    Replaceable waste tank for use in site cabins.

    Capacity: 220 liters

    Dimensions: (W x D x H): 104 x 55 x 54 cm
    (Depth including Toilet seat is 67 cm)

  • drain valve

    Drain valve Pluto Plus Urinal

    Drain valve for the Pluto Plus Urinal. This 1/4″Ball valve can be placed in the base of the Pluto Plus Urinal. By connecting a hose, the urinal can be drained to a tank or the sewer.

  • drum trolley

    Drum Trolley 200 liter drum

    Drum Trolley for a 205 litre drum. Make a move, with ease. The Drum Trolley is a mobile dispensing unit for a standard 200 liter drum.

  • free flush

    Fresh water flush waste tank

    fresh-flushFresh water flush waste tank for use in site cabins.
    The complete “Fresh Flush” smart tank consists of 2 tanks, a 208 liter waste tank plus a 94 liter fresh water tank for fresh flushing.
    Complete with hand pump and toiletseat.

    Dimensions: (W x D x H): 107 x 58 x 67 cm
    (Depth including Toiletseat is 67 cm)

  • pee flush

    Pee Flush

    Our newly developed fresh water flush urinal is a built-in urinal suitable for toilets of all brands and makes.
    A foot pump enables the flushing out of the 11,5 liter reservoir, after which the water is drained to the toilet’s waste tank.

  • Porta-Tank waste tank

    tanklogoReplaceable waste tank for use in site cabins.
    Compact and easy to handle.
    The Porta-Tank comes complete with screw cap and toiletseat.

    Dimensions: L x W x H: 70 x 50 x 57 cm
    Capacity: 120 liters

  • screw lid

    Screw lid for Porta-Tank

    Screw lid for the Porta-Tank waste tank.
    The lid ensures there is no spillage during transport.

  • Replacement rubber

    Foot pump replacement rubber

    Replacement rubber for the Whale foot pump, used on the hand wash stations.

  • nozzle

    Nozzle and Backing

    Nozzle and backing for the flush bowls of recirculation toilets.

  • Steel plate lock

    Lock made out of stainless steel  suitable for all toilet makes and models.
    SKU 2891000 – Part A
    SKU 2891015 – Part B

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