Atlas is the proud producer of the Pluto range of mobile urinals, which includes the stackable event urinal Pluto3 and the semi permanent urinal Pluto4.

  • pee flush

    Pee Flush

    Our newly developed fresh water flush urinal is a built-in urinal suitable for toilets of all brands and makes.
    A foot pump enables the flushing out of the 11,5 liter reservoir, after which the water is drained to the toilet’s waste tank.

  • semi permanent urinal Pluto4

    Semi permanent urinal Pluto4

    pluto4We proudly present to you our latest innovative product, the Pluto4 semi permanent urinal.
    Our customers’ experiences and wishes are incorporated in this new, innovative mobile urinal unit, designed to be deployed in a wide variety of conditions and locations.

  • Pluto Plus Urinal – New in 2022!

    The Pluto Plus Urinal, a great addition for every toilet rental company.
    The Pluto Plus comes with a lifting eye for easy loading and unloading at the event and your warehouse.
    The spacious floor has a relief for secure standing. The forklift slots are also suited for pump trucks.

  • Stackable mobile urinal Pluto3

    The Pluto3 stackable urinal offers an ideal solution for events. pluto3It’s stackable design allows you to transport 4 Pluto3’s instead of 1 mobile urinal at a time.
    4 persons can make use of the Pluto3 simultaneously and the raised walls provide extra privacy.

    Standard colour grey/granite. Other colours available in limited numbers.

  • Stackable Event Urinal

    Stackable event urinal Pluto2

    LOGO-PLUTO-2-mobile-urinalThe Pluto2 stackable event urinal unit offers less privacy than the Pluto3 urinal.
    Because of its height the event organiser and rental company will have a better sight what going on in the urinalsection.

  • mobile urinal PQ Buster

    Mobile urinal PQ-Buster

    Mobile urinal for events and city centers

    logo Pluto1 urinalThe Pluto 1, also known as the PQ Buster, is, just like his brothers the Pluto 2 and Pluto3, a 4 person urinal.
    The PQ-Buster was the first mobile urinal in the Pluto urinal range.


  • outdoor urinal

    Mobile urinal PeeOne

    peeoneA wheeled mobile urinal that is easy to carry and quickly to set up anywhere you want.
    Especially those spots where it is difficult to have a portable toilet, the Peeone is an good alternative.

  • Pee6 mobile urinal

    Mobile urinal Pee6

    The Pee 6 mobile urinal has a capacity of 500 liters and weighs 120 kg.
    One truck can take as many as 14 Pee 6 urinals, equalling 84 urination spots.

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