Professional cleaning products for use in toilets, urinals and other places which are likely to need a strong cleaning agent.

  • urinal cleaner

    Concentrated Urinal cleaner

    Effectively removes calcium deposits, restoring urinals to like-new conditions.
    Simply spray on affected areas (urinals, floors) and brush away the buildup with ease.

  • Banish® graffiti remover

    Banish® Graffiti Remover is a user friendly formulation that not only removes graffiti but leaves surfaces protected from future graffiti. Banish® Graffiti Remover works best to remove most types of graffiti and many stains from smooth, non-porous surfaces such as Plastics, Glass and Metals. Banish® Graffiti Remover effectively removes markers, paint, pen, pencil, grease, tar, crayon, dirt, calcium build-up and much more. In most cases. Banish® Graffiti Remover will remove the graffiti in under a minute on unpainted surfaces.

    Available in a 1 liter spray bottle and a 20 liter can.

  • Fragrance spray and cleaner

    Walex fragrance spray and wash down cleaner a strong detergent for cleaning toilets and urinals.
    Use undiluted to spray surfaces near the urinal and vent pipe of a portable toilet to provide enhanced fragrance to the toilet area.

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